Our Service

C.F.C. firm renders most laudable service for their clients. We consider it as a privilege to treat our clients with priority irrespective of any divisions. We focus on promoting user-friendly free and open source softwares (FOSS). Indeed C.F.C. guarantees customer satisfaction and credibility as well. We share remedies for all hassles with patience, basically by:-

  • If a customer is willing to share his or her difficulties, we try to incorporate possible solutions.
  • C.F.C. keenly deploys human resources and most modern, technically sound choices from a broad spectrum.
  • When a client reaches our help desk initially, we will corroborate the existing range of free software tools .
  • We shall also cross-check and do comparative studies with other software tools in order to smoothen the function as well as to develop advanced -customizable free software tools.
  • Advantages:-

We ensure use of licensed free and open-source software products which use quality coding mechanisms and all of them are reusable.