We are witnessing massive advancements in science and technological realms per day. So, there is necessity to be updated as well as to be up to the mark in a highly competitive spectrum .Here comes the value of blooming technical geeks who are obviously assets for a nation. C.F.C.(Computing Freedom Collective) is a solely rooted firm intending to commit possible interventions in the software arena by promoting free access to softwares in various fields. We assure that our projects are reliable, highly-oriented and authentic so as to be effectively utilized in sectors such as education, agriculture, public sector etc.

“Powermap” is an excellent software which provides customizable mapping feature to satisfy versatile needs of the user. We rely upon Open Street Mapping (O.S.M.) system standards to collaborate the process of adding the maps. This project basically deals with Geospatial information. Powermap indicates all the ‘assets’ belonging to the institution which has been inter connected with the software. The data is accessible in the hierarchical order of needs. It is an open source based software as we focus on maximum utilization of resources and methodologies for sustainable future.

Recently, C.F.C. witnessed another milestone in our journey, as Kerala State Electricity Board (K.S.E.B) showed interest in our dream project which is rooted in tireless teamwork and coordination for months. K.S.E.B. is a public sector firm under the Kerala State Government which supplies power across the state. Powermap rather makes the work by any employee of the firm hassle-free .It enlists all the assets :such as 240V power lines, switches, poles ,transformers, substations and so on.

It also helps each member of the inclined firm to log on and access the necessary information from his/her division. Thus, amidst disparities the higher strata of officers as well as divisional employees can check-in the details. Even if a temporary employee joins the firm, s/he gets a basic backdrop of the work from this software. Powermap has included a step to ensure that the users can operate the software with single -integrated username and password facility for all their technical ventures. If a person working in an I.T. firm has to memorize separate usernames for each operation, that would create chaos. Thus, integrating across platforms helps to substantially protect data from loss. Usually, any software permits the users to choose from their pre-defined set of choices whereas, Powermap has sticked on to the goal of tackling absolute percent of potential by coding all the assets at the initial stage itself.

Powermap visualizes the locality and the properties such as transformers, switches, cables and even the cable length in each spot. OSM technology is free and customizable as it’s a not-for-profit organization. Thus, Powermap is depending on a much-lauded source.

Fig : The image above represents mapping using Open Street Maps technology.


The user can easily take high quality prints of the maps. All the landmarks as well as assets are clear and vagueness is being prevented. They can capture the prints in large sheets as per need (akin sheets 4x A4 paper).

Pro’s :-

As K.S.E.B. goes on fixing mishaps, adding new poles or transformers these data should be updated as soon as possible. Powermap helps the officers to easily make modifications as it is a free software. In case they are depending on costly softwares which very often requires technical support, additional charges are deduced


The assets within a boundary have relation in between them. 5 switches in a boundary or the HT lines under a substation will have correlation .


Any softwares key point is the fact whether customers can manually add the input ?. The types of power pole, power generators etc. can be edited. K.S.E.B. is capable to edit features in Powermap.


It uses O.S.M. technology for functioning.

Terrains and landmarks are specifically indicated in the software.

By depending on Geo Spatial techniques and customizable defined set of options it stays unique.

Any organization can enable the software with least technical or communicational glitches.

The application can even be accessed over mobile phones.

Unlike, proprietary tools, Powermap users can utilize codes which are available online for fixations.